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XYZ Postcode Sectors Map (EH22 4)

About XYZ Postcode Sectors Map (EH22 4)

Postcode Sectors are given by the number after the space in the Postcode (EH22 4). There are over 10 000.

In most areas our Boundaries are Xtreme Accuracy™ finely detailed and created by following real physical features from Air Photography.

Use Postcode Sectors for the most detailed Postcode Mapping, e.g. City or Regional sales territories, delivery zones, marketing, etc. These maps use the December 2018 release of our Postcode Boundary data (also available for GIS users).  If you like to see the full ranges of off-the-shelf Postcode Maps then please go here.

The Postcode Areas, Districts and Sectors are shown in red on top of the appropriate map background, depending on the zoom levels. As a geographical area grows larger or smaller, the level of detail on the printed map will change between, OS Streetview (1:10 000), OS Explorer Maps (1:25 000), OS LandRanger Maps (1:50 000) and OS Road Atlas Maps (1:200 000).

Please use the Map Preview button to see what your Custom Map will actually look like once you have chosen the correct Geographical area or Postcodes.

Digital PDFs will be delivered by e-mailed download link within one working day and are licensed for personal, educational or internal business use only. You may not sell, lend, rent etc the PDF to Third Parties without our permission in writing.

If you would like a frame for your map then have a look at www.red17.co.uk.

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