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XYZ Historical Maps - OSI Ireland - 1940s

About XYZ Historical Maps - OSI Ireland - 1940s

Irish Ordnance Survey 1 inch to the mile (1:63 360) mapping from the 1940s.

There have been huge changes in Ireland, since the 1940's. These Maps are a fascinating Historical record.

These Historical  Maps have been scanned and stitched together into one seamless image, then converted to the Modern Irish National Grid for easy integration and comparison with Modern Mapping. You can also buy these as geographically registered images for use in GIS.

Please use the Map Preview button to see what your Custom Map will actually look like once you have chosen the correct geographical area.

Digital PDFs will be delivered by e-mailed download link within one working day and are licensed for personal, educational or internal business use only. You may not sell, lend, rent etc the PDF to Third Parties without our permission in writing.

If you would like a frame for your map then have a look at www.red17.co.uk.

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